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The Terminal at Katy Trail is home to the finest residences in Dallas, just 16 in all, nestled above a 2-level, 20 000 sq ft luxury retail space, curated to include world-class dining, health, and wellness offerings for both residents and the surrounding neighborhood. In the tradition of the grand buildings in the world’s other great cities, The Terminal is a mix of elegance, sophistication, discretion, and presence.


Its luxuries know no limits, from quality craftsmanship and sweeping views to ground-floor shops and restaurants. The Terminal divines its name — and its one-of-a-kind aura — from its site’s history along what was once an important railroad line, hand-built in the 1860s.


The Terminal, at the corner of beautiful Buena Vista Street and bustling Fitzhugh Avenue, and along the beloved Katy Trail, is at once discreet and decadent, cloistered yet connected. It is Dallas’ most intriguing impossibility. The setting for a life like no other.

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